Pregnancy Diseases

Pregnancy sugar – Gestational diseases mellitus

A condition in which pregnant women develop elevated blood sugar during pregnancy and the same return to normal after delivery. But patients are more prone develop diabetes later.
Pregnant women should undergo frequent blood sugar checking as per protocol those found to have elevated blood sugar should undergo dietary management. If not responding to diet alone. They may be started on insulin.
Exercise like swimming and walking should be encouraged.
Patients found to have elevated blood sugar during pregnancy should undergo GTT test after 6 weeks to check whether their blood sugar has returned to normal.

Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH)

Some patients may develop elevated BP during pregnancy. Any BP > 140/90 is significant and they should be started on antihypertensive.
More patients may lose protein in their urine depending upon the severity, they may develop complications like...
  1. Eclampsia
  2. Abruption
  3. Renal failure
  4. Infra uterine growth retardation.
  5. Help syndrome
  6. Loss of vision
These patients once diagnosed with elevated BP should be admitted and evaluated fully. Their urinary output, blood parameters like platelet count, LF7 should be done.
Fundus should be checked to rule out hypertensive retinopathy.
Patients developing BP < 20 weeks should be checked for other conditions like APLAS, chronic hypertension, multiple pregnancy, molar pregnancy.
Severe uncontrolled BP even with medication may need termination of pregnancy.
These patients may become normotensive after delivery.

Other Diseases

Epilepsy:  May need drug reduction, monotherapy better than polytherapy.

Heart disease:  Should only become pregnant after consultation with cardiologist.

Thyroid diseases:  Need to continue drugs during pregnancy. TF7 should be checked for filtrating the close.

Asthmatics:  No specific precautions. Continue the same line of management.

This medical advice given by:

Dr. Jayanthi MBBS.,
Medical Consultant.

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