WHERE+WILL (Future Tense)

Structure : Where+will+subject(I,we,you,they,he,she,it)+verb+object(optional)

Where will you watch movie?
Where will they play?
Where will you eat evening?
Where will she study?
Where will you meet me?

Answer to above mentioned questions

I will watch movie in Express Avenue.
They will play in back-yard.
I will eat in restaurant in the evening.
She will study in Bharathiyar college.
I will you in Central Railway station.

1 Where will you finish your degree?
2 Where will he stay?
3 Where will she work?
4 Where will they play?
5 Where will she learn music?
6 Where will they eat?
7 Where will you buy vegetables?
8 Where will they study?
9 Where will he save money?
10 Where will she live?
11 Where will he teach Hindi?
12 Where will they meet him?
13 Where will she search her books?
14 Where will you go?
15 Where will he stitch his shirts?
16 Where will they throw waste paper?
17 Where will you practice Karate?
18 Where will you purchase your dresses?
19 Where will she get books?
20 Where will they sleep?

1 I will finish my degree in Trinity college.
2 He will stay at his relatives home.
3 She will work in CPCL.
4 They will play in the ground.
5 She will learn music from her aunty.
6 They will eat in canteen.
7 I will buy vegetables in road side vendors.
8 They will study in Ethiraj college.
9 He will save money in bank.
10 She will live in Salem.
11 He will teach Hindi in schools and colleges.
12 They will meet him in music class.
13 She will search in her books in bag.
14 I will go to temple.
15 He will stitch his shirts in Moon tailor.
16 They will throw the waste paper in dust bin.
17 I will practice karate in my dojo.
18 I will purchase my dresses in Harihant.
19 She will get books from book shop.
20 They will sleep in cot.