WHERE+DO (Present Tense)

Structure : Where+do+subject(I,we,you,they)+verb+object(optional)

Where do you go?
Where do they play?
Where do you eat?
Where do you study?
Where do you stitch your dresses?

Answer to above mentioned questions

I go to market.
They play in the ground.
I eat in restaurant.
I study in Oxford University.
I stitch my dresses in Mark Tailor.


1 Where do you go?
2 Where do they study?
3 Where do you work?
4 Where do they play?
5 Where do you learn music?
6 Where do they eat?
7 Where do you buy vegetables?
8 Where do they stay?
9 Where do you purchase your dresses?
10 Where do they live?
11 Where do you teach spoken English class?
12 Where do they meet him?
13 Where do you search your books?
14 Where do they search job?
15 Where do you stitch your shirts?
16 Where do they throw waste paper?
17 Where do you practice Karate?
18 Where do they save money?
19 Where do you get books?
20 Where do they sleep?

1 I go to marriage.
2 They study in St.Kevins Engineering College.
3 I work in Ashok Leyland.
4 They play in the back-yard.
5 I learn music in Richard music school.
6 They eat in college canteen.
7 I buy vegetables in super market.
8 They stay in hotel.
9 I purchase my dresses in Raymond's show room.
10 They live in Chennai.
11 I teach spoken English in Apollo computer education.
12 They meet him in the school.
13 I search my book in shelves.
14 They search job in Multinational companies.
15 I stitch my shirts in Sana tailor.
16 They throw waste paper in dustbin.
17 I practice karate in my dojo.
18 They save money in Bank/Post office.
19 I get books from library.
20 They sleep in upstairs.