WHERE + DID (Past Tense)

Structure : Where+did+subject(I,we,you,they,he,she,it)+verb+object(optional)

Where did you go?
Where did they play?
Where did you eat?
Where did he study?
Where did you stitch your dresses?

Answer to above mentioned questions

I went to temple.
They played in Nehru stadium.
I ate in hotel.
He studied in KCG college.
I stitched my dresses in Sana tailor.

1 Where did you go yesterday?
2 Where did they study?
3 Where did he work?
4 Where did they play?
5 Where did she learn music?
6 Where did you eat?
7 Where did she buy vegetables?
8 Where did they stay?
9 Where did you purchase your dresses?
10 Where did they live?
11 Where did she teach spoken English class?
12 Where did they meet him?
13 Where did you search your books?
14 Where did he finish his home work?
15 Where did you stitch your shirts?
16 Where did she throw the waste paper?
17 Where did he practice Karate?
18 Where did they save money?
19 Where did you finish your degree?
20 Where did they see that movie?

1 I went to my aunty house yesterday.
2 They studied in Loyola college.
3 He worked in SRF.
4 They played in the street.
5 She learnt music in Peter school of music.
6 I ate in restaurant.
7 She bought vegetables in Reliance fresh.
8 They stayed in their relatives house.
9 I purchased my dresses in Arrow.
10 They lived in Chennai.
11 She taught spoken English class in school.
12 They met him in the hotel.
13 I searched my books in class room.
14 He finished his home work in tuition.
15 I stitched my shirts in Wins tailor.
16 She threw the waste paper in the class room.
17 He practiced karate in the college.
18 They saved money in Indian Bank.
19 I finished my degree in Madras university.
20 They saw that movie in Express Avenue.