WHAT+DOES (Present Tense)

Structure : What+does+subject(he,she,it)+verb+object(optional)

What does he want?
What does she write?
What does he eat?
What does she play?
What does he type?

Answer to above mentioned questions

He wants his book.
She writes a poem.
He eats chicken briyani.
She plays chess.
He types leave letter.


1 What does she speak with him?
2 What does he play in the ground?
3 What does she study?
4 What does he ask her?
5 What does she drink?
6 What does she cook in the kitchen?
7 What does he eat?
8 What does she buy in the market?
9 What does he ask them?
10 What does she teach to children?
11 What does he learn?
12 What does she clean?
13 What does he think about them?
14 What does she write on the table?
15 What does she scribble on the desk?
16 What does he do here?
17 What does she know about me?
18 What does he see there?
19 What does she give to them?
20 What does he read?

1 She speaks with him about her project.
2 He plays cricket in the ground.
3 She studies science.
4 He asks her mother's name.
5 She drinks Pepsi.
6 She cooks Sambar rice in the kitchen.
7 He eats bread with jam.
8 She buys vegetables in the market.
9 He asks them theirs college name.
10 She teaches maths to children.
11 He learns Music.
12 She cleans lunch plates.
13 He doesn't think anything about them.
14 She writes her name on the table.
15 She scribbles hers mother name on the desk.
16 He does his home work here.
17 She doesn't know anything about me.
18 He sees there his son.
19 She gives ice water to them.
20 He reads Historical novel.