Srl.No. Words Meaning Sentence
1 abdicate give up one's right or power The king refused to abdicate his power.
2 back-yard a vacant place at back side of the house The childred played in the back-yard.
3 calamity great disaster Tsunami is a natural calamity.
4 dais a raised platform for the speaker After a short speech he got down from the dais.
5 eager keen interest, great longling, deep desire I am very eager to learn English.
6 faggot bundle of sticks tied together The old woman carried faggot on her head.
7 gambler a person who gambles I don't like gambler.
8 haft handle of knife Hold the haft properly, else you will lose the knife.
9 idle doing nothing Do not be idle, Do something.
10 jaggery dark coarse sugar I like coffee with jaggery.
11 kneel to bend on knees We kneel before the God.
12 lair den The lion is in his lair.
13 mahout one who trains, drives, and looks after elephants The life of the mahout is ever in danger.
14 nag annoy continously She nags her husband.
15 oar pole with a flat end used in rowing a boat Without oar we cant sail a boat.
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