Public speech

Public speech is very very important to all the successful business man and politician and all the people. By this we can express our thoughts directly to public. It is not possible to convey our thoughts and ideas to each and everyone. It will take long time. Through public speech we can express our ideas and thoughts directly to public with in short time.

Things to be done in Public speech:

Enter the stage with smile face.

 Greet/Wish the audience.

 Say special thanks to organising committee who invited you to the function.

 Start a conversation with small story. It should not be more than one or two minutes.

 Often use some Famous quotes.

 Often ask questions to audience.

 Get answer from audience.

 Use humours and body language.

 Use intonation.

 Voice should be little louder. The last one should hear what you speak.

 Understand the situation and time and audience mind.

 Finish your conversation with moral or famous quotes.