Pronoun Table

Personal PronounObjective PronounPossessive PronounReflexive pronounPossessive Adjective
YouYouYoursYourself (or) YourselvesYour

Example - Personal Pronoun
I go to market.
We play cricket.
You called me.
They come with me.
He sings a song.
She cooks well.
It runs fast.

Example - Objective Pronoun
You call me later.
They will inform us soon.
You do work well.
Invite them to party.
Don’t beat him.
Don’t scold her.
It works well.

Example - Possessive Pronoun
This house is mine.
This room is ours.
That shirt is yours.
These books are theirs.
Call his father.
Inform to hers mother.
Its brand name is Quick-Silver.

Example - Reflexive Pronoun
I Myself corrected the note book.
We completed the work ourselves.
You go to market yourself.
You clean the class room yourselves.
They played foot-ball themselves.
He hanged himself.
She drove a car herself.
It will close itself.