Lesson 12

In this lesson, we are going to learn how to say our Daily Activity / Regular Activity.

Note: A boy who is studying 5th standard he says his daily activities with his friends.

Daily Activity / Regular Activity.

I am Shriram Coming from Nehru nagar at present I am studying 5th Standard in St.Joseph Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Ennore. Now I would like to share my regular activity with you.

Today I woke up early morning at 5 ‘O’ clock then I finished all my morning duties, after that I went to Karate class. I practiced Karate up to 8 ‘O’clock later I returned to home.

I had bath and I had my break-fast after that I went to school. I returned to home at 4 ‘O’clock after that I played cricket in the ground up to 5.30 p.m. then I prepared to go Spoken English Class.

Now I am in class. After my class, I will go to home and I will watch T.V then I will have dinner after that I will play Video games sometimes later I will go to sleep.