Interview Tips

Before go to interview attend one mock ( Trail or Dummy ) interview with your friends.

 Get dressed well. ( Don’t use printed, may use stripes or plain or checks ).

 Use mild perfume not in strong.

 Reach the location five or ten minutes before.

 Carry all your Educational Certificates with nice Folder / File.

 Gather some information about the company where you go to interview.

 Be very strong in "Tell me about yourself".

 Listen the question carefully.

 Answer to question little louder.

 Speak confidently.

 Don’t hesitate to talk, if they ask anything.

 Use eye contact.

 Don’t say anything badly about your previous concern.

 Say the valid reason to leave the previous job.

 Don’t take too much time to say answer.

 While enter the interview hall, Don’t get afraid. Avoid fearness on your face.

 As soon as entered the interview hall wish them with smile face.

 Sit properly and be straight.

 Before enter the interview hall, comb your hair properly.