Interrogative Sentence

What is Interrogative Sentence?

“A sentence that asks a Question is called Interrogative sentence.”

Now we can see some examples


What are you doing?
What do you want?
Where are you going?
Where do you work?


Find the Interrogative Sentence from below mentioned sentences.

1. I live in Chennai.
2. What do you write on the table?
3. Don’t talk to them.
4. What a wonderful idea!
5. India won the World cup in Cricket match.
6. Where do you go?
7. Can you do me a favour?
8. Oh my God I lost my purse!
9. They went to Bangalore.
10. When do they come here?
11. Please help me.
12. What a beautiful girl!
13. The Taj mahal is world wonder.
14. Why do you cry?
15. Don’t waste your time. Study well.
16. How clever you are!
17. Dhoni is a good cricket player.
18. Which do you select?
19. Shall we go for tea-break?
20. Alas! I am ruined.

Note: Interrogative Sentences mentioned in Red color.

1. What do you write on the table?
2. Where do you go?
3. When do they come here?
4. Why do you cry?
5. Which do you select?