Positive and Negative Contractions

S.No.Long formShort formExample
1I amI'mI'm a teacher.
2I haveI'veI've a car.
3I will / I shallI'llI'll come with you.
4I would / I should / I hadI'dI'd a meeting in my office.
5You areYou'reYou're my students.
6You haveYou'veYou've a lot of money.
7You willYou'llYou'll study well.
8You had / You wouldYou'dYou'd a car.
9He has / He isHe'sHe's my father.
10He willHe'llHe'll come to school.
11He had / He wouldHe'dHe'd go there alone.
12She has / She isShe'sShe's my teacher.
13She willShe'llShe'll will teach us English.
14She had / She wouldshe'dShe'd come here.
15It has / It isIt'sIt's a nice watch.
16It willIt'llIt'll work long period.
17We areWe'reWe're good foot ball players.
18We haveWe'veWe've have heavy work.
19We willWe'llWe'll go there.
20We had / We wouldWe'dWe'd a meeting yesterday.
21They areThey'reThey're my relatives.
22They haveThey'veThey've many houses.
23They willThey'llThey'll come tomorrow.
24They had / they wouldThey'dThey'd had training in London.
25Are notAren'tThey aren't not my friends.
26CannotCan'tI can't do this.
27Could notCouldn'tHe couldn't go there on time.
28Dare notDaren'tI daren't to fight with him.
29Did notDidn'tI didn't study anything.
30Does notDoesn'tHe doesn't come here.
31Do notdon'tI don't want this.
32Has nothasn'tHe hasn't written a letter.
33Have nothaven'tI haven't gone there.
34Had nothadn'tI hadn't a meeting.
35Is notisn'tIt isn't my fault.
36may notmayn'tHe mayn't come to class.
37might notmightn'tYou mightn't come here.
38must notmustn'tYou mustn't invite them to the party.
39need notneend'tYou needn't call me.
40ought notoughtn'tDavid oughtn't drink so much.
41shall notshan'tI shan't come.
42should notshouldn'tYou shouldn't tell anything about them.
43was notwasn'tI wasn't there.
44were notweren'tWe weren't there yesterday.
45will notwon'tHe won't write anything.
46would notwouldn'tShe wouldn't go there.
47here ishere'sHere's your meal.
48there willthere'llThere'll be nobody here tomorrow.
49there isthere'sThere's a taxi!
50that isthat'sThat's my car!
51that willthat'llThat'll be $10, please.
52how is?how'sHow's your wife?
53what will?what'llWhat'll people think?
54what is?what'sWhat's the matter?
55when is?when'sWhen's the wedding?
56where is?where'sWhere's the cinema?
57who is?who'sWho's your teacher?
58who would?who'dWho'd like ice-cream?
59who will?who'llWho'll be there?