Adverb of time

What is Adverb of time?

"The Adverb to answer the question when? are called Adverb of time.”

Now we can see some examples


Already I finished my work already.
Afterwards First I went temple afterwards I went to cinema.
Never I never come late.
When When did you finish your work?
Whenever I read the books, whenever I free.
Today I come to class today.
Tomorrow He wont go to office tomorrow.
Yesterday The teacher gave mark sheet yesterday.
Ever She speaks lie ever.
Immediately You come to my home immediately.
Instantly I made coffee instantly.
Presently I study in college presently.
Early He came to office early.
Late She went to home late.
Soon I will come soon.
Ago We studied this book two years ago.
Now He comes now.
Then First I went to cinema, then he came.
Before I finished all the works before go to home.
After He came to office after me.
Since I read the book since morning.