Why Question Model

WHY+DO (Present Tense)

Why do you go there?
Why do you play chess?
Why do you hurry?
Why do you study anytime?
Why do you scold me?

Answer to above mentioned questions

I go there to meet my father.
I play chess to develop my talent.
I watch catch my train.
I want get first rank, so that I study all the times.
You make mistakes, hence I scold you.

Structure : Why+do+subject(I,We,You, They)+Verb+Object

Example :

Why do you join Karate class?
Why do you learn English

Answer to above mentioned questions

I want strength my body and mind.
I like to get job in MNC company.

Why+DOES (Present Tense)

Why does he go there?
Why does she cry?
Why does he come here?
Why does she scold them?
Why does he pinch you?

Why+DID (Past Tense)

Why did you go there?
Why did they come here?
Why did you beat him?
Why did he join spoken English class?
Why did you write fast?

Why+WILL (Future Tense)

Why will you go there?
Why will you ask me?
Why will you come here?
Why will you scold me?