Whom Question Model

WHOM+DO (Present Tense)

Whom do you invite to birthday party?
Whom do they speak?
Whom do you want to see?
Whom do you call?
Whom do you scold?

Answer to above mentioned questions

I invite my uncle to birthday party.
They speak with their relatives.
I want to see my father.
I call my sister.
I scold my wife.

Structure : Whom+do+subject(I,We,You, They)+Verb+Object

Example :

Whom do they like more?
Whom do you hate?

Answer to above mentioned questions

They like their teacher more.
I hate my neighbor.

WHOM+DOES (Present Tense)

Whom does he call?
Whom does she shout?
Whom does he scold?
Whom does she beat?
Whom does Peter blame?

WHOM+DID (Past Tense)

Whom did you call?
Whom did they shout?
Whom did you scold?
Whom did you beat?
Whom did you blame?

WHOM+WILL (Future Tense)

Whom will you call?
Whom will they shout?
Whom will you scold?
Whom will she beat?
Whom will you blame?