WHERE+DOES (Present Tense)

Structure : Where+does+subject(he,she,it)+verb+object(optional)

Where does he go?
Where does she play?
Where does he work?
Where does she study?
Where does Peter stitch his dresses?

Answer to above mentioned questions

He goes to college.
She plays in the Tennis court.
He works in Ashok Leyland.
She studies Social science.
Peter stitches his dresses.

1 Where does she go?
2 Where does he study?
3 Where does she work?
4 Where does he play?
5 Where does she learn music?
6 Where does he eat?
7 Where does she buy vegetables?
8 Where does he stay?
9 Where does she purchase hers dresses?
10 Where does he live?
11 Where does he teach spoken English class?
12 Where does she meet him?
13 Where does she search hers purse?
14 Where does he search job?
15 Where does she stitch hers blouse?
16 Where does he throw waste paper?
17 Where does she practice Karate?
18 Where does he save money?
19 Where does she get book?
20 Where does he sleep?

1 She goes to school.
2 He studies in KCS College.
3 She works in Government office.
4 He plays in the front-yard.
5 She learns music in Martin school of music.
6 He eats in mess.
7 She buys vegetables in market.
8 He stays in star hotel.
9 She purchases her dresses in Sri kumaran silks.
10 He lives in Madurai.
11 He teaches spoken English class in Kevin spoken English academy.
12 She meets him in tuition.
13 She searches her purse in the bag.
14 He searches job in Soft war company.
15 She stitches her blouse in Star tailor.
16 He throws waste paper in the ground.
17 She practice karate in her school.
18 He saves money in finance company.
19 She gets book from hers uncle.
20 He sleeps in the bed.