WHEN+WILL (Future Tense)

Structure : When+will+subject(I,we,you,they,he,she,it)+verb+object(optional)

When will you ask me?
When will they play?
When will you give test?
When will she study?
When will you write your exam?

Answer to above mentioned questions

I will ask you tomorrow.
They will play in the evening.
I will give test tomorrow.
She will study in the evening.
I will write my exam next week.

1 When will you sleep?
2 When will she cook?
3 When will he finish his work?
4 When will you getup?
5 When will he go to school?
6 When will you return from office?
7 When will they vacate the hotel?
8 When will she meet her mother?
9 When will he join the college?
10 When will you read your lesson?
11 When will they come to tuition?
12 When will you go to your native place?
13 When will she join music class?
14 When will you come here?
15 When will they receive their salary?
16 When will he get his convocation certificate?
17 When will you wash your dresses?
18 When will they clean their room?
19 When will he send the parcel?
20 When will you complete your task?

1 I will sleep in mid night.
2 She will cook in the early morning.
3 He will finish his work within two hour.
4 I will get up in the early morning.
5 He will go to school at 9 'O' clock.
6 I will return from office at 6 'O' clock.
7 They will vacate the hotel next week.
8 She will meet her mother next Sunday.
9 He will join the college next month.
10 I will read my lesson in the early morning.
11 They will come to tuition at 7 'O' clock.
12 I will go to my native place next summer vacation.
13 She will join music class next week.
14 I will come there next month.
15 They will receive their salary on 5th every month.
16 He will get his convocation certificate next month.
17 I will wash my dresses tomorrow.
18 They will clean their room yearly once.
19 He will send the parcel tomorrow.
20 I will complete my task within two days.