WHEN+DO (Present Tense)

Structure : When+do+subject(I,we,you,they)+verb+object(optional)

When do you go?
When do they play?
When do you start next batch?
When do you study?
When do you meet him?

Answer to above mentioned questions

I go today.
They play in the evening.
I start next batch on Monday.
I study early morning.
I meet him today evening.


1 When do you getup?
2 When do they go to school?
3 When do you return from office?
4 When do they play in the ground?
5 When do you meet your mother?
6 When do they join college?
7 When do you read your lesson?
8 When do they come to tuition?
9 When do you watch television?
10 When do they learn Karate?
11 When do you sleep?
12 When do they take bath?
13 When do you receive salary?
14 When do they pay their computer course fees?
15 When do you wash your dresses?
16 When do they clean their room?
17 When do you cook?
18 When do they buy new dresses?
19 When do you send the parcel?
20 When do they write their annual exam?

1 I getup early morning.
2 They go to school at 9 'O' clock.
3 I return from office at 6 'O'clock.
4 They play in the ground on Sunday.
5 I meet my mother monthly once.
6 They join the college next week.
7 I read my lesson early morning.
8 They come to tuition at 7 'O' clock.
9 I watch television at night.
10 They learn Karate Saturday and Sunday.
11 I sleep at 10 'O' clock.
12 They take bath in the morning.
13 I receive salary on 10th of every month.
14 They pay their computer course fees every month.
15 I wash my dresses on Sundays.
16 They clean their room monthly once.
17 I cook morning and night.
18 They buy new dresses to Pongal and Deepavali.
19 I send the parcel today by courier.
20 They write their annual exam next week.