WHAT+WILL (Future Tense)

Structure : What+will+subject(I,we,you,they,he,she,it)+verb+object(optional)

What will you do tomorrow?
What will they learn in Summer vocation?
What will she eat in the evening?
What will he bring?
What will you teach me ?

Answer to above mentioned questions

I will do home work tomorrow.
They will learn computer course in Summer vocation.
She will eat bread in the evening.
He will bring sambar rice.
I will teach you Maths.


1 What will you speak with him?
2 What will they play in the ground?
3 What will she study here?
4 What will you ask her?
5 What will he drink in the evening?
6 What will mother cook in the morning?
7 What will you eat in the hotel?
8 What will they buy in the market?
9 What will you ask him?
10 What will they teach to you?
11 What will she learn?
12 What will they clean?
13 What will you say to them?
14 What will they write?
15 What will you speak on the stage?
16 What will they do here?
17 What will you know about me?
18 What will you see there?
19 What will she give to them?
20 What will he read in the eveing?

1 I will speak with him about my college project.
2 They will play foot ball in the ground.
3 She will study English grammar here.
4 I will ask her my book.
5 He will drink tea in the evening.
6 Mother will cook pongal in the morning.
7 I will eat dosa in the hotel.
8 They will buy fruits in the market.
9 I will ask him my money.
10 They will teach English to me.
11 She will learn dance.
12 They will clean bathroom.
13 I will say truth.
14 They will write test?
15 I will speak about social problem on the stage.
16 They will do their home work here.
17 I will know everything about you.
18 I will see my son there.
19 She will give books to them.
20 He will read story books in the evening.