WHAT+DO (Present Tense)

Structure : What+do+subject(I,We,You, They)+Verb+Object(optional)

What do you write?
What do they play?
What do you eat?
What do you want?
What do you do here?

Answer to above mentioned questions

I write my leave letter.
They play chess.
I eat bread.
I want your pen.
I do my homework.

Example :

What do you teach here?
What do they play there?

Answer to above mentioned questions

I teach english.
They play cricket.

Note: Generally, we never use I and we, because I never ask question me and we never ask question us. So that I and we are not in use.
Here and there not necessary to mention. In case if you need you can use that.


1 What do you speak with him?
2 What do they play in the ground?
3 What do you study?
4 What do they ask her?
5 What do you drink?
6 What do they cook in the kitchen?
7 What do you eat?
8 What do they buy in the market?
9 What do you draw on the table?
10 What do they teach to you?
11 What do you learn?
12 What do they clean?
13 What do you think about them?
14 What do they write on the book?
15 What do you scribble on the desk?
16 What do they do here?
17 What do you know about me?
18 What do they practice there?
19 What do you give to them?
20 What do they read?

1 I speak with him about my project.
2 They play cricket in the ground.
3 I study English.
4 They ask her father's name.
5 I drink cool drinks.
6 They cook chicken briyani in the kitchen.
7 I eat stale food.
8 They buy vegetables in the market.
9 I draw picture on the table.
10 They teach to me spoken English.
11 I learn karate.
12 They clean the class room.
13 I don’t think anything about them.
14 They write on the table theirs exam no.
15 I don’t scribble anything on the table.
16 They do their home work here.
17 I don’t know anything about you.
18 They practice karate there.
19 I give money to them.
20 They read English newspaper.