WHAT + DID (Past Tense)

Structure : What+did+subject(I,we,you,they,he,she,it)+verb+object(optional)

What did you say?
What did they eat?
What did you teach to them?
What did she write?
What did he stitch?

Answer to above mentioned questions

I said a story.
They ate Sambar rice.
I taught English to them.
She wrote summary.
He stitched a pant.

1 What did you speak with him?
2 What did they play in the ground?
3 What did she study?
4 What did they ask her?
5 What did you drink?
6 What did they cook in the kitchen?
7 What did he eat in the hotel?
8 What did she buy in the market?
9 What did you ask them?
10 What did they teach in the coaching class?
11 What did he learn?
12 What did she clean?
13 What did you think about them?
14 What did they write on the table?
15 What did he scribble on the desk?
16 What did they do here?
17 What did she know about me?
18 What did they see there?
19 What did he give to them?
20 What did they read?

1 I spoke with him about my son school admission.
2 They played foot ball in the ground.
3 She studied Social science.
4 They asked her address.
5 I drank cold coffee.
6 They cooked vegetable briyani in the kitchen.
7 He ate chicken fried rice in the hotel.
8 She bought fruits in the market.
9 I asked them their native place.
10 They taught English grammar in the coaching class.
11 He learnt Dance.
12 She cleaned the kitchen.
13 I didn't think anything about them.
14 They wrote their name on the table.
15 He scribbled his name on the desk.
16 They did their home work here.
17 She didn't know anything about me.
18 They saw a lion there.
19 He gave money to them.
20 They read story book.