Ramesh: Hi Suresh how are you?
Suresh: I am fine. How are you Ramesh?
Ramesh: I am well. I heard one good news about you.
Suresh: What you heard?
Ramesh: You got job opportunity in aborad.
Suresh: Yes. But I don’t go to abroad.
Ramesh: Why Suresh?
Suresh: I have fear to go aborad.
Ramesh: Why do you fear?
Suresh: New place, new people, I am not good in English communication.
Ramesh: It doesn’t matter. You go Spoken English class just three months.
               You can easily develop your English communication.
Suresh: Good idea.
Ramesh: What is your salary?
Suresh: Twenty lakhs per annum.
Ramesh: Good salary. If you work just two or three years, your whole family will be happy.
               Don’t miss this opportunity. You wont get this salary in India.
Suresh: You gave me good suggestion. Definitely I will go to abroad. I wont miss this.
Ramesh: Good. We will see later.
Suresh: Bye.