Get details from Customer care

Customer: Is this Airtel customer care office sir?
Customer care officer: Yes Sir. This is Airtel customer care office. What can I do for you sir?
Customer: I want to know one detail from you sir.
Customer care officer: Please ask sir.
Customer: Today morning I recharged Rs.100.
Since then I didn’t make any phone call, but you deducted Rs.30 from my phone balance.
Customer care officer: Please wait, I will check sir.
Yes. You have activated caller tone, so that we deducted Rs.30 from your account.
Customer: No sir. I didn’t activate any caller tone.
Customer care officer: Ok sir. Some of your family member might have activated.
Customer: It is alright. Please deactivate immediately.
Customer care officer: Ok sir. I will do it right now. Yes. I deactivated now.
Here after we wont deduct any amount from your phone balance.
Customer: Thank you sir.
Customer care officer: You are welcome sir.