Letter of complaint to the Municipal commissioner about a sanitary condition of your locality

From:Date: 24-Nov-2012
     C. Senkathir,
     No. 40, 6th cross street,
     Ghandhi nagar, Manali,
     Chennai – 600 069.

     The Municipal commissioner,
     Manali municipality,
     Chennai – 600 069.

Respected Sir,

Sub : Insanitary condition of my area.

I have been living above mentioned address for the past twenty years.

I would like to bring to your notice the insanitary condition of our street. Rubbish and Wastages lie in heaps. They are not removed daily. There is no proper drainage system in our area.

So there is always a bad smell. During the rainy season water stagnates in the many pits on the street. These pits become the breeding places for the mosquitoes. Thease mosqitoes cause to Dengue. Hence our street has become an unworthy place for living.

I request you kindly do the needful action to improve the sanitary condition of my area.

Thanking You.

C. Senkathir