Exclamatory Sentence

What is Exclamatory Sentence?

“A sentence that express a sudden feeling of pleasure, sorrow, anger, or surprise is called an Exclamatory sentence.”

Now we can see some examples


Alas I am ruined.
What a terrible accident it was!
How shameful!
Oh my god.


Find the Exclamatory Sentence from below mentioned sentences.

1. I live in Chennai.
2. What do you write on the table?
3. Don’t talk to them.
4. What a wonderful idea!
5. India won the World cup in Cricket match.
6. Where do you go?
7. Can you do me a favour?
8. Oh my God I lost my purse!
9. They went to Bangalore.
10. When do they come here?
11. Please help me.
12. What a beautiful girl!
13. The Taj mahal is world wonder.
14. Why do you cry?
15. Don’t waste your time. Study well.
16. How clever you are!
17. Dhoni is a good cricket player.
18. Which do you select?
19. Shall we go for tea-break?
20. Alas! I am ruined.

Note: Exclamatory Sentences mentioned in Red color.

1. What a wonderful idea!
2. Oh my God! I lost my purse.
3. What a beautiful girl!
4. How clever you are!
5. Alas! I am ruined.