Conversation at Restaurant

Father: Is this table vacant?
Waiter: No sir, it's already booked.
Waiter: That table is free you may sit there.
Father: Thank you.
Waiter: You are welcome.
Father: Can I have menu card?
Waiter: Here it is sir.
Father: Fine.
Father: First bring four Chicken Soup. I will order within that.
Waiter: Thanks you sir.
Father: Bring four Chicken Briyani with four Ginger Chicken.
Daughter: Daddy I need Ice cream.
Father: Which flavor your need.
Daughter: I need Vennila flavor.
Father: Ok. Bring four Vennila ice cream.
Mother: Can I have some hot water?
Waiter: Sure Madam.
Son: What is special today?
Waiter: Today special is Turkey Fry.
Son: Bring that one.
Waiter: Do you need any other things sir?
Father: No thanks.
Waiter: Shall I make bill sir?
Father: Oh sure.