What is Conversation?

“One to one conversation is nothing but it is a conversation between two members. It may be friends, relatives, employers etc…”

Now we can see some examples


Durai and Senthil, they meet after the long time.

Durai: Hi Senthil, How are you?
Senthil: I am fine Durai. How are you? And How is going on job?
Durai: I am good. Well, It’s not going as I expected.
Senthil: Then, What you are going to do?
Durai: I am seeking better job.
Senthil: Don’t worry. Send your resume to me, I will seek better job to you.
Durai: Thank you Senthil. I will send today evening.
Senthil: Ok we will see later, keep in touch with me.

(We can continue our conversation keep on...)