Compound Preposition

1 along You go along with them.
2 beside Our class is beside the temple.
3 across He walked across the road.
4 beyond I don’t know what is there beyond your chair.
5 above The fan rotates above my head.
6 about He said about his family.
7 among The leader spoke among the people.
8 against He spoke against his friend.
9 after I will go to lunch after 2'O' clock.
10 around He came to home around 7'O' clock.
11 between The train will not function between 10 A.M to 12 A.M.
12 before I went to my office before my manager.
13 behind The school situated behind the church.
14 besides He works in the office besides he does part time job.
15 through I got my gas cylinder through my gas agency.
16 towards The train goes towards Chennai.
17 since I have been living here since 1950.
18 inside He went inside the room.
19 outside I wait for you outside the class.
20 amid The leader stood amid of crowd.
21 below You must reduce the price below ten rupees.
22 beneath The merchant slept beneath the tree.
23 despite Despite the heavy rain, I went to interview on time.
24 during Don’t fight during play.
25 like I need a pen like yours.
26 near He came to near bus stand.
27 onto I jumped onto my desk.
28 regarding The captain was silent regarding them.
29 than You write fast than me.
30 throughout I searched my pen throughout the park.
31 unlike She is unlike the rest of her family.
32 until You have finish all the home work, until I wont allow you to go home.