Will - Auxiliary Verb

1. Will you complete your work today evening?
eP cd;Dila Ntiyia ,d;W khiy Kbg;ghah?

Yes. I will complete my work today evening.
Mkhk;. ehd; vd;Dila Ntiyia ,d;W khiy Kbg;Ngd;.

2. Will they play foot-ball?
mth;fs; fhy;ge;J tpisahLthh;fsh?

No. They will not play foot-ball.
,y;iy. mth;fs; fhy;ge;J tpisahlkhl;lhh;fs;.

3. Will you meet me tomorrow?
eP vd;id ehis re;jpg;ghah?

Yes. I will mee you tomorrow.
Mkhk;. ehd; cd;id ehis re;jpg;Ngd;.

4. Will she come soon?
mts; rPf;fpuk; tUthsh?

No. She will not come soon.
,y;iy. mts; rPf;fpuk; tukhl;lhs;.

5. Will they go alone?
mth;fs; jdpahf Nghthh;fsh?

Yes. They will go alone.
Mkhk;. mth;fs; jdpahf Nghthh;fs;.

6. Will you be at home tomorrow?
eP ehis tPl;by; ,Ug;ghah?

No. I will not be at home tomorrow.
,y;iy. ehd; ehis tPl;by; ,Uf;fkhl;Nld;.

7. Will he drive a car?
mtd; fhh; Xl;Lthdh?

Yes. He will drive a car.
Mkhk;. mtd; fhh; Xl;Lthd;.

8. Will she cook well?
mts; ed;whf rikg;ghsh?

No. She will not cook well.
,y;iy. mts; ed;whf rikf;fkhl;lhs;.

9. Will they learn quickly?
mth;fs; rPf;fpuk; fw;Wf; nfhs;thh;fsh?

Yes. They will learn quickly.
Mkhk;. mth;fs; rPf;fpuk; fw;Wf; nfhs;thh;fs;.

10. Will you teach me dance?
eP vdf;F eldk; fw;W nfhLg;ghah?

Yes. I will teach you dance.
Mkhk;. ehd; cdf;F eldk; fw;W nfhLg;Ngd;.