Was - Auxiliary Verb

1. Was you there yesterday?
New;W eP mq;Nf ,Ue;jhah?

Yes. I was there yesterday.
Mkhk;. New;W ehd; mq;Nf ,Ue;Njd;.

2. Was he ill yesterday?
New;W mtd; cly;epiy rhpapy;yhky; ,Ue;jhdh?

No. He was not ill yesterday.
,y;iy. New;W mtd; cly;epiy rhpapy;yhky; ,y;iy.(ed;whf ,Ue;jhd;)

3. Was there any phone call to me?
vdf;F VjhtJ Nghd; fhy; te;jjh?

Yes. There was some phone call to you.
Mkhk;. cq;fSf;F rpy Nghd;fhy;fs; te;jJ.

4. Was he a teacher?
mtd; Mrphpauhf ,Ue;jhdh?

No. He was not a teacher.
,y;iy. mth; Mrphpauhf ,Ue;jpUf;ftpy;iy.

5. Was it good?
,J ed;whf ,Ue;jjh?

Yes. It was good.
Mkhk;. ,J ed;whf ,Ue;jJ.

6. Was he caught by the police?
mtd; Nghyprhy; gpbf;fg;gl;lhdh?

Yes. He was caught by the police.
Mkhk;. mtd; Nghyprhy; gpbf;fg;gl;lhd;.

7. Was he enquired by the police?
mtd; Nghyprhy; tprhhpf;fg;gl;lhdh?

Yes. He was enquired by the police.
Mkhk;. mtd; Nghyprhy; tprhhpf;fg;gl;lhd;.

8. Was he rich?
mtd; gzf;fhudhf ,Ue;jhdh?

No. He was not rich.
,y;iy. mtd; gzf;fhudhf ,Ue;jjpy;iy.

9. Was he absent yesterday?
New;W mtd; tpLKiwapy; ,Ue;jhdh?

Yes. He was absent yesterday.
Mkhk;. mtd; New;W tpLKiwapy; ,Ue;jhd;.

10. Was she a dance teacher?
mts; xU eld Mrphpauhf ,Ue;jhsh?

Yes. She was a dance teacher.
Mkhk;. mts; xU eld Mrphpauhf ,Ue;jhs;.