Shall - Auxiliary Verb

1. Shall I go rest-room?
ehd; nu];l; &k;(foptiwf;F) Nghfyhkh?

Yes. You shall go to rest-room?
Mkhk;. eP nu];l; &k;(foptiwf;F) Nghfyhk;.

2. Shall we play chess?
ehk; nr]; tpisahlyhkh?

Yes. We shall play chess?
Mkhk;. ehk; nr]; tpisahlyhk;.

3. Shall I open the window?
ehd; [d;diy jpwf;fyhkh?

No. You shall not open the window.
,y;iy. eP [d;diy jpwf;fNtz;lhk;.

4. Shall we come to your home?
ehq;fs; cd;Dila tPl;bw;f;F tuyhkh?

Yes. You shall come to my home.
Mkhk;. ePq;fs; vd;;Dila tPl;bw;f;F tuyhk;.

5. Shall I see this book?
ehd; ,e;j Gj;jfj;ij ghh;f;fyhkh?

Yes. You shall see this book.
Mkhk;. ePq;fs; ,e;j Gj;jfj;ij ghh;f;fyhk;.

6. Shall we watch movie?
ehk; glk; ghh;f;fyhkh?

No. We shall not watch movie.
,y;iy. ehk; glk; ghh;f;f$lhJ.

7. Shall I ask you one question?
ehd; cq;fis xU Nfs;tp Nfl;fyhkh?

Yes. You shall ask me one question.
Mkhk;. eP vd;id xU Nfs;tp Nfl;fyhk;.

8. Shall we do our work?
ehk; ek;Kila Ntiyia nra;ayhkh?

Yes. We shall do our work.
Mkhk;. ehk; ek;Kila Ntiyia nra;ayhk;.

9. Shall I close the door?
ehd; fjit %lyhkh?

No. You shall not close the door.
,y;iy. eP fjit %lNtz;lhk;.

10. Shall we read the news paper?
ehk; nra;jp jhs; gbf;fyhkh?

Yes. We shall read the news paper.
Mkhk;. ehk; nra;jp jhs; gbf;fyhk;.