May - Auxiliary Verb

1. May I come in?
ehd; cs;Ns tuyhkh?

Yes. You may come in.
Mkhk;. ePq;fs; cs;Ns tuyhk;.

2. May I go there?
ehd; mq;Nf Nghfyhkh?

No. You may not go there.
,y;iy. eP mq;Nf Nghff;$lhJ.

3. May I speak few words with you?
ehd; cq;fSld; XhpU thh;j;ijfs; Ngryhkh?

Yes. You may speak few words with me.
Mkhk;. ePq;fs; vd;Dld; XhpU thh;j;ijfs; Ngryhk;.

4. May I sit here?
ehd; ,q;Nf cl;fhuyhkh?

Yes. You may sit here/there.
Mkhk;. ePq;fs; ,q;Nf cl;fhuyhk;.

5. May I use your pen?
ehd; cq;fs; Ngdhit gad;gLj;jyhkh?

Yes. You may use my pen.
Mkhk;. ePq;fs; vd;Dila Ngdhit gad;gLj;jyhk;.

6. May I ask you one question?
ehd; cq;fis xU Nfs;tp Nfl;fyhkh?

Yes. You may ask me one question.
Mkhk;. eP vd;id xU Nfs;tp Nfl;fyhk;.

7. May I sleep for while?
ehd; rpwpJ Neuk; Jhq;fyhkh?

No. You may not sleep for while.
,y;iy. eP rpwpJ Neuk; Jhq;ff;$lhJ.

8. May I see that paper?
ehd; me;j Ngg;giu ghh;f;fyhkh?

Yes. You may see that paper.
Mkhk;. eP me;j Ngg;giu ghh;f;fyhk;.

9. May I help you?
ehd; cq;fSf;F cjtyhkh?

Yes. You may help me.
Mkhk;. eP vdf;F cjtyhk;.

10. May I introduce you my friend.
ehd; cq;fSf;F vd;Dila ez;gid mwpKfg;gLj;jyhkh?

Yes. You may introduce me your friend.
Mkhk;. eP cd;Dila ez;gid vdf;F mwpKfg;gLj;jyhk;.