Is - Auxiliary Verb

1. Is this your new car?
,J cd;Dila Gjpa fhuh?

Yes. This is my new car.
Mkhk;. ,J vd;Dila Gjpa fhh;.

2. Is he your father?
,th; cd;Dila mg;ghth?

No. He is not my father.
,y;iy. ,th; vd;Dila mg;gh ,y;iy.

3. Is this yours?
,J cd;Dilajh?

No. That is not mine.
,y;iy. mJ vd;DilaJ ,y;iy.

4. Is my sister there?
vd;Dila rNfhjhp mq;Nf ,Uf;fpwhsh?

Yes. Your sister is here.
Mkhk;. cd;Dila rNfhjhp ,q;Nf ,Uf;fpwhs;.

5. Is your mother work here?
cd;Dila mk;kh ,q;Nf Ntiy nra;fpwhh;fsh?

No. My mother is not work here.
,y;iy. vd;Dila mk;kh ,q;Nf Ntiy nra;atpy;iy.

6. Is he inside the class room?
mtd; tFg;giwapy; ,Uf;fpwhdh?

Yes. He is inside the class room.
Mkhk;. mtd; tFg;giwapy; ,Uf;fpwhd;.

7. Is this correct answer?
,J rhpahd tpilah?

Yes. This is correct answer.
Mkhk;. ,J rhpahd tpil.

8. Is this your house?
,J cd;Dila tPlh?

No. This is not my house.
,y;iy. ,J vd;Dila tPL ,y;iy.

9. Is he a doctor?
,th; xU lhf;luh?

Yes. He is a doctor.
Mkhk;. ,td; xU lhf;lh;.

10. Is your brother work in abroad?
cd;Dila rNfhjud; ntspehl;by; Ntiy nra;fpwhuh?

Yes. My brother works in abroad.
Mkhk;. vd;Dila rNfhjud; ntspehl;by; Ntiy nra;fpwhh;.