Have - Auxiliary Verb

1. Have you eaten in that hotel?
eP me;j Xl;lypy; rhg;gpl;L ,Uf;fpwhah?

Yes. I have eaten in that hotel.
Mkhk;. ehd; me;j Xl;lypy; rhg;gpl;L ,Uf;fpNwd;.

2. Have you ever met film stars?
eP vg;nghOjhtJ rpdpkh el;rj;jpuq;fis re;jpj;J ,Uf;fpwhah?

Yes. I have met film stars twice.
Mkhk;. ehd; rpdpkh el;rj;jpuq;fis ,uz;L Kiw re;jpj;J ,Uf;fpNwd;.

3. Have they ever gone there?
mth;fs; vg;nghOjhtJ mq;Nf Ngha; ,Uf;fpwhh;fsh?

Yes. They have gone there once.
Mkhk;. mth;fs; mq;Nf xUKiw Ngha; ,Uf;fpwhh;fs;.

4. Have you written a story?
eP xU fij vOjp ,Uf;fpwhah?

Yes. I have written a story.
Mkhk;. ehd; xU fij vOjp ,Uf;fpNwd;.

5. Have they done the work?
mth;fs; Ntiyia Kbj;J ,Uf;fpwhh;fsh?

No. They have not done the work.
,y;iy. mth;fs; Ntiyia Kbj;J ,Uf;ftpy;iy.

6. Have you driven a car?
eP fhh; Xl;b ,Uf;fpwhah?

Yes. I have driven a car.
Mkhk;. ehd; fhh; Xl;b ,Uf;fpNwd;.

7. Have you finished any computer course?
eP VjhtJ fk;A+l;lh; Nfhh;]; Kbj;J ,Uf;fpwhah?

Yes. I have finished many computer course.
Mkhk;. ehd; epiwa fk;A+l;lh; Nfhh;]; Kbj;J ,Uf;fpNwd;.

8. Have they seen that movie already?
mth;fs; Vw;fdNt me;j glj;ij ghh;j;J ,Uf;fpwhh;fsh?

No. They have not seen that movie already.
,y;iy. mth;fs; Vw;fdNt me;j glj;ij ghh;j;J ,Uf;ftpy;iy.

9. Have you drunk apple juice?
eP Mg;gps; [{]; Fbj;J ,Uf;fpwhah?

Yes. I have drunk apple juice.
Mkhk;. ehd; Mg;gps; [{]; Fbj;J ,Uf;fpNwd;.

10. Have you taught English grammar?
eP ,q;fpyp~; fpuhkh; nrhy;yp nfhLj;J ,Uf;fpwhah?

Yes. I have taught English grammar.
Mkhk;. ehd; ,q;fpyp~; fpuhkh; nrhy;yp nfhLj;J ,Uf;fpNwd;.