Does - Auxiliary Verb

1. Does he work here?
mtd; ,q;Nf Ntiy nra;fpwhdh?

Yes. He works here.
Mkhk;. mtd; ,q;Nf Ntiy nra;fpwhd;.

2. Does she clean the class room?
mts; tFg;giwia Rj;jk; nra;fpwhsh?

No. She does not clean the class room.
,y;iy. mts; tFg;giwia Rj;jk; nra;atpy;iy.

3. Does he study well?
mtd; ed;whf gbf;fpwhdh?

Yes. He studies well.
Mkhk;. mtd; ed;whf gbf;fpwhd;.

4. Does she come to class regularly?
mts; tFg;Gf;F njhlh;e;J tUfpwhsh?

No. She does not come to class regularly.
,y;iy. mts; njhlh;e;J tFg;Gf;F tUtjpy;iy.

5. Does he know you?
mtDf;F cd;id njhpAkh?

Yes. He knows me.
Mkhk;. mtDf;F vd;id njhpAk;.

6. Does she cook well?
mts; ed;whf rikf;fpwhsh?

No. She does not cook well.
,y;iy. mts; ed;whf rikf;ftpy;iy.

7. Does he go to office on time?
mtd; mYtyfj;Jf;F rhpahd Neuj;jpw;f;F Nghfpwhdh?

Yes. He goes to office on time.
Mkhk;. mtd; mYtyfj;Jf;F rhpahd Neuj;jpw;;;f;F Nghfpwhd;.

8. Does she wash hers mother dress?
mts; mtSila mk;khtpd; Jzpia Jitf;fpwhsh?

No. She does not wash hers mother dress.
,y;iy. mts; mtSila mk;khtpd; Jzpia Jitf;ftpy;iy.

9. Does he teach English?
mtd; Mq;fpyk; fw;W jUfpwhdh?

Yes. He teaches English.
Mkhk;. mtd; Mq;fpyk; fw;W jUfpwhd;.

10. Does she participate in speech competition?
mts; Ngr;R Nghl;bapy; fye;J nfhs;fpwhsh?

No. She does not participate in speech competition.
,y;iy. mts; Ngr;R Nghl;bapy; fye;J nfhs;stpy;iy.