Do - Auxiliary Verb

1. Do you go to school?
eP gs;spf;$lk; Nghfpwhah?

Yes. I go to school.
Mkhk;. ehd; gs;spf;F NghfpNwd;.

2. Do they play cricket?
mth;fs; fphpf;nfl; tpisahLfpwhh;fsh?

No. They don’t play cricket.
,y;iy. mth;fs; fphpf;nfl; tpisahltpy;iy.

3. Do you study well?
eP ed;whf gbf;fpwhah?

Yes. I study well.
Mkhk;. ehd; ed;whf gbf;fpNwd;.

4. Do they clean the playground?
mth;fs; tpisahl;L ikjhdj;ij Rj;jk; nra;fpwhh;fsh?

No. They don’t clean the playground.
,y;iy. mth;fs; tpisahl;L ikjhdj;ij Rj;jk; nra;atpy;iy.

5. Do you come here?
eP ,q;Nf tUfpwhah?

Yes. I come there.
Mkhk;. ehd; mq;Nf tUfpNwd;.

6. Do they practice karate?
mth;fs; fuhj;Nj gapw;rp nra;fpwhh;fsh?

No. They don’t practice karate.
,y;iy. mth;fs; fuhj;Nj gapw;rp nra;atpy;iy.

7. Do you invite them to party?
eP mth;fis tpUe;Jf;F miof;fpwhah?

Yes. I invite them to party.
Mkhk;. ehd; mth;fis tpUe;Jf;F miof;fpNwd;.

8. Do they scribble anything on the board?
mth;fs; Nghh;L kPJ VjhtJ fpWf;Ffpwhh;fsh?

No. They don’t scribble anything on the board.
,y;iy. mth;fs; Nghh;L kPJ vijAk; fpWf;ftpy;iy.

9. Do you draw a picture?
eP glk; tiufpwhah?

Yes. I draw a picture.
Mkhk;. ehd; glk; tiufpNwd;.

10. Do they calm in the class room?
mth;fs; tFg;giwapy; mikjpahf ,Uf;fpwhh;fsh?

No. They don’t calm in the class room.
,y;iy. mth;fs; tFg;giwapy; mikjpahf ,y;iy.