Did - Auxiliary Verb

1. Did I ask you anything?
ehd; cd;id VjhtJ Nfl;Nldh?

No. You didn’t ask me anything.
,y;iy. eP vd;id vJTk; Nfl;ftpy;iy.

2. Did they come here yesterday?
mth;fs; New;W ,q;Nf te;jhh;fsh?

Yes. They came here yesterday.
Mkhk;. mth;fs; New;W ,q;Nf te;jhh;fs;.

3. Did you speak with them?
eP mth;fsplk; Ngrpdhah?

No. I didn’t speak with them.
,y;iy. ehd; mth;fSld; Ngrtpy;iy.

4. Did he finish his home work?
mtd; mtDila tPl;L ghlq;fis Kbj;Jtpl;lhdh?

Yes. He finished his home work.
Mkhk;. mtd; mtDila tPl;L ghlq;fis Kbj;Jtpl;lhd;.

5. Did she go there?
mts; mq;Nf Nghdhsh?

No. She didn’t go there.
,y;iy. mts; mq;Nf Nghftpy;iy.

6. Did I beat you?
ehd; cd;id mbj;Njdh?

Yes. I beat me.
Mkhk;. ehd; mtid mbj;Njd;.

7. Did they give any parcel?
mth;fs; VjhtJ ghh;ry; nfhLj;jhh;fsh?

No. They didn’t give any parcel.
,y;iy. mth;fs; ve;j ghh;riyAk; nfhLf;ftpy;iy.

8. Did you call me sir?
rhh; ePq;fs; vd;id $g;gpl;Bh;fsh?

Yes. I called you.
Mkhk;. ehd; cd;id $g;gpl;Nld;.

9. Did he come first?
mtd; Kjypy; te;jhdh?

No. He didn’t come first.
,y;iy. mtd; Kjypy; tutpy;iy.

10. Did she post the letter?
mts; nyl;liu Ngh];l; nra;Jtpl;lhsh?

Yes. She posted the letter.
Mkhk;. mts; nyl;liu Ngh];l; nra;Jtpl;lhs;.