Can - Auxiliary Verb

1. Can you come with me?
eP vd; $l tuKbAkh?

Yes. I can come with you.
Mkhk;. vd;dhy; cd;$l tuKbAk;.

2. Can he do this work alone?
mtdhy; ,e;j Ntiyia jdpahf nra;aKbAkh?

Yes. He can do this work alone.
Mkhk;. vd;dhy; ,e;j Ntiyia jdpahf nra;a KbAk;.

3. Can she dance on the stage?
mtshy; Nkilapy; eldk; Ml KbAkh?

No. She can not dance on the stage.
,y;iy. mtshy; Nkilapy; eldk; Ml KbahJ.

4. Can you read this loudly?
cd;dhy; ,ij rj;jkhf gbf;f KbAkh?

Yes. I can read this loudly.
Mkhk;. vd;dhy; ,ij rj;jkhf gbf;f KbAk;.

5. Can he win the race?
mtdhy; Nurpy; n[apf;f KbAkh?

Yes. He can win the race.
Mkhk;. mtdhy; Nurpy; n[apf;f KbAk;.

6. Can she speak on the stage?
mtshy; Nkilapy; Ngr KbAkh?

No. She can not speak on the stage.
,y;iy. mtshy; Nkilapy; Ngr KbahJ.

7. Can you swim in the sea?
cd;dhy; flypy; ePe;j KbAkh?

Yes. I can swim in the sea.
Mkhk;. vd;dhy; flypy; ePe;j KbAk;.

8. Can I meet him in the office?
ehk; ek;Kila Ntiyia nra;ayhkh?

Yes. You can meet him in the office.
Mkhk;. cd;dhy; mtid Mgprpy; re;jpf;f KbAk;.

9. Can you fight with him?
cd;dhy; mtd; $l rz;il Nghl KbAkh?

No. I can not fight with him.
,y;iy. vd;dhy; mtd; $l rz;il Nghl KbahJ.

10. Can he teach English grammar?
mtdhy; ,q;fpyp~; fpuhkh; fw;Wju KbAkh?

Yes. He can teach English grammar.
Mkhk;. mtdhy; ,q;fpyp~; fpuhkh; fw;W juKbAk;.