Are - Auxiliary Verb

1 Are they study here?
mth;fs; ,q;Nf gbf;fpwhh;fsh?

Yes. They are study here.
Mkhk;. mth;fs; ,q;Nf gbf;fpwhh;fs;.

2 Are you go there?
eP mq;Nf Nghfpwhah?

No. I am not go there.
,y;iy. ehd; mq;Nf Nghftpy;iy.

3 Are they play here?
mth;fs; ,q;Nf tpisahLfpwhh;fsh?

Yes. They are play here.
Mkhk;. mth;fs; ,q;Nf tpisahLfpwhh;fs;.

4 Are you relative to them?
ePq;fs; mth;fSf;F cwtpdh;fsh?

No. I am not relative to them.
,y;iy. ehd; mth;fSf;F nrhe;jf;fhud; ,y;iy.

5 Are they work in Ashok leyland?
mth;fs; mNrhf; Nyyz;by; Ntiy nra;fpwhh;fsh?

Yes. They are work in Ashok leyland.
Mkhk;. mth;fs; mNrhf; Nyyz;by; Ntiy nra;fpwhh;fs;.

6 Are you Mr.James?
ePq;fs; jpU.N[k;]h?

No. I am not James.
,y;iy. ehd; N[k;]; ,y;iy.

7 Are they stay here today?
mth;fs; ,d;W ,q;Nf jq;Ffpwhh;fsh?

Yes. They are stay here.
Mkhk;. mth;fs; ,q;Nf jq;Ffpwhh;fs;.

8 Are you work well?
eP ed;whf Ntiy nra;fpwhah?

No. I am not work well.
,y;iy. ehd; ed;whf Ntiy nra;atpy;iy.

9 Are they teachers?
mth;fs; Mrphpah;fsh?

Yes. They are teachers.
Mkhk;. mth;fs; Mrphpah;fs;.

10 Are you come from Chennai?
ePq;fs; nrd;idapypUe;J tUfpwPh;fsh?

No. I am not come from Chennai.
,y;iy. ehd; nrd;idapypUe;J tutpy;iy.