What is Article?

“The words a, an, the are called Article”.

A Book, An Egg, The Bible

This article also divided by two categories.
1. Indefinite Article.
2. Definite Article.

Indefinite Article
a and an are called Indefinite Article.

Definite Article
the is called Definite Article.

Where we should use Indefinite Article?

If letter starts with Vowel Letter and Vowel sound there we should use an.

Now we can see some examples


1. An Apple.
2. An Elephant.
3. An Ink bottle.
4. An Orange.
5. An Umbrella.

Where we should not use Indefinite Article?

If letter starts with Vowel Letter and Consonant sound there we should not use an.

A university
A union
A one rupee note

Where we should use Definite Article?

Before the object name which is only one in the world.
Example: The Sun, The Moon, The Earth, The Sky.

Before the names of Ocean, River.
Example: The Pacific Ocean, The Cauveri.

Before the names of Mountains, group of islands.
The Everest, The Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Before the names of holy books.
The Bhagavat Gita, The Bible, The Quran.

Before the names of newspaper and magazine.
The Hindu, The kumutham

Before the names of famous buildings.
The TajMahal, The Empire State, The Eiffel Tower.

Before the names of Music instrument.
The Flute, The Gitar, The Veena.

Before the ordinal numbers.
The first prize goes to David.
The second place only he secured.

Before the superlative Degree
He is the tallest boy in the school. The best music director.

A noun which introduced before, If it is repeated again there we should use
There was a wood-cutter. The wood-cutter one day went to forest.

Before a noun which represents a group.
The tiger is a dangerous animal. The dog is faithful animal.